Imagination Included

A quick blog post to announce our latest innovation, ImageIn. 

ImageIn is a Smart TV application available for Android TVs and Amazon fireTVsticks thats built for artists who want to host digital exhibits on big screen smartTVs thats fast invading every home. Now instead of viewers going to see an exhibit, the exhibit now comes to your home on your TV. 

With this we intend to give all aspiring artists a chance to showcase their art in the best possible manner without the risks & expenses of hosting a physical exhibit and without minimising the possibility of making a sale. Thats right! you can even sell your images through our unique TV based sales technology, so exhibiting your art on ImageIn is the right answer if you are looking to sell your artistic creations.

Install the ImageIn app available on the Android TV playstore and the Amazon fireTV App Store for free. Give us a whirl and check out some amazing creations who are already exhibiting on our App!

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