1 simple trick to get started in selling your photos as fineart

Selling anything these days is difficult, but selling your images as Art is whole other level of difficulty. So how does any aspiring photographer start the journey towards selling his / her photos as art? The answer luckily is simple and all you need to get started is a wall in your home and a few beautifully framed prints of your images. That's it!

Most of the photographers who shoot digital these days often keep their images as digital files in their hard disks and apart from posting them on digital walls they never venture out to post their images on the "Real" Physical wall. This is a huge missed opportunity for any aspiring artist, since the impact of seeing an images as a digital file on social media is completely different to seeing it big as a print on the real wall. When you have people visiting you, they invariably get to see your images hung on the wall and the impact it makes on your living space. Plus unlike the digital wall, the physical wall also comes with physical you around it to narrate all the back stories about the image.

In the end, your guests now go back home with an unquestionable faith in your ability as a "Fineart" photo artist, and chances are when they encounter a need for wall art, they will remember Your Art, Your Wall and You! And thats how you get started... 

Ooh BTW if you think you can do with more of such insights we also have a dedicated 5 hour recorded class on "How to Sell your images as Art" thats also applicable for paintings and any other visual art form. 

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