3 common fears first time Art Buyers face & how to buy your first Wall Art with confidence

A beautiful art work hanging on your wall is a sure shot way to grab attention and enhance the look and feel of your interiors. But buying the right Art can sometimes be tricky and for most First Time art buyers the experience can be daunting with all the "Clout" that surrounds the "Art" market. Most people who have never purchased Art before believe it is beyond their grasp & affordability and  fear treading the market. And like all irrational fears this too can be conquered and tamed if only we know how to deal with it.

There are 3 primary fears that all first time Art Buyers face

  1. Fear of Price - True, we all keep hearing about that Million Dollar Art that recently got sold at an auction. While there are Art works that do cost us an Arm and a Leg they are just the tip of the tip of an immense iceberg. Good Art comes in all shapes and prices and we just need to seek affordable ones out. One effective way to buy your first art is to look for new upcoming artists and finding something that you like. This works for both the Artist and the Art Buyer. The Artist obviously gets the much needed encouragement and market validation, and the Art Buyer gets a great looking art work at a great price. And who knows if your artist makes it big in the art world tomorrow than the Art you just picked up will be worth its weight in gold!
  2. Fear of not understanding the Art - The last thing anybody wants is having something on their wall that they do not connect with. Most Art Virgins consciously avoid or discredit art fearing they may not be able to comprehend what it is saying. Just like all good things in life Art is slow and it takes a long time for both the Artist and the Audience to assimilate it into their system. That said, one way to overcome this fear is to talk to the Artist and if the Artist is not around then the gallery owner, asking for more information about the artist and the art. If you follow my advice from point 1 and decide to buy the work of an upcoming Artist you will not only get a great Art but you will also get a great personalised story accompanying that art which could form a great focal point of conversation when anybody is visiting your home 
  3. Fear of uncertainty - "My walls are pink in colour what if this art will not match my interior". Have you ever thought like this??? Well here is the bubble burster, there is no Art in the entire world that will not match your interior. Even the Horrendous Gladys would look great climbing out of her frame if you dare to hang her on your wall. In fact the very reason Art is put on walls is to break the monotony of having a single colour of the wall. And irrespective of the Art colour or your interior colour it will look great. Another conscious tip to ensure the art stands out is to have a nice frame around it with ample white or black border matt so the art is well separated from the wall. 

So there you go 3 of the biggest fears plaguing mankind about Buying Art, Dispelled! Do you have any other Art Buying related fear? Let us know in the comments below. If you need more guidance we are more than happy to help.


Sriharsha Ganjam

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