Bad wall turned Good!

We have become awesome at building walls. Bad walls that separate and isolate. Our walls have become Bigger, Stronger and Longer! In this process of redefining separation we have created some exceptional masterpieces, but none is more synonymous for separation than The Berlin Wall. Built in 1961, this was a barrier that physically and ideologically divided what once was a unified humanity.

Berlin Wall 1961-11-20

The Berlin Wall stood strong for 28 years dividing families and friends


Ironically enough despite its sinister purpose of separation, the wall accomplished something remarkable. When the Cold War ended in 1989, it soon transformed from a medium of separation to a symbol of unification and freedom. Graffiti art which was until then illegal and punishable by death suddenly became the rage. Guns and mortar shells were replaced with brushes and spray paints. A whole generation of stifled youth took to the streets painting the wall bright and happy. 



A Bad wall turned Good!

Today people from around the world gather at this once might symbol of suppression and separation to admire its wonderful art and lament about the time gone by!


I guess its high time we relook at our walls and consider what we really want them to be. We invented walls for some more than just separating us! Should we not get together behind a BAD wall, and give it an opportunity to turn GOOD?


Berlin wall at Potsdamer Platz March 2009

Should we not turn all walls good?


- Sriharsha Ganjam

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