The Art Chicken & Champion...

Most of us are Art Chickens in todays world, when it comes to consuming and appreciating Art! We are often intimidated by it. We run away from the beauty presented either because we do not have the time to soak it in, or the awareness to appreciate the artist's emotions

Visual Art exploring the medium of photography is a relatively new entrant in the Art scene. Thankfully Fineart Photography is consumed in exactly the same way we consume traditional Visual Arts. All Visual Art very simply put is consumed in two stages, by Observation and by Imagination. They all have these two elements albeit in different proportions, and the same art can also initiate different stimuli in different people. Understanding the complex interaction between Observation and Imagination in our heads  is the key to turn you from the timid Art Fleeing Chicken to the bold Art Loving Champion! 

Observation - The "Art To See"

The first step towards consuming any Visual art is obviously through Observation. Arts leaning heavily on Observation are often credited with a "WOW!!!" at first sight from the viewers and is followed by statements like, "It looks so real...". We call such works Art To See. The beauty of these Visuals are enhanced by various aspects like the composition, good exposure and subject action etc. This kind of Art works well in areas with a lot of foot falls and brisk movement like corridors or a lobby, where the viewer spends relatively less time.

 Art to See

Art To See - Ferns by Ashok Mansur


Imagination - The "Art To Think"

Art leaning heavily on Imagination are often consumed with a "HMMM..." and is followed with statements like "It looks like...". We call such works Art To Think. The beauty of such visuals are enhanced by colours, engaging patterns and subject interaction. This kind of Art works well in areas which have long duration occupancy like the living room or reception areas, where viewers have enough time to unfurl their imagination. 


Art To Think - Departure by Adithya Biloor


All Visual Arts work by mixing these two simple ingredients in our heads creating complex emotions. The result is a journey that is truly refreshing and liberating. A memorable Visual Art is born if it enables an easy transition from the realm of observation into the realm of imagination. Its a journey that starts in the Artists head as an Idea and ends in the Viewers mind as a remarkable Visual Art!

We all have an art Champion in us who is waiting for you to slow down and sit on that chair and stare. What say Champion??

Would love to hear your feedback, please feel free to drop a note on your thoughts below and thanks in advance for the participation. 


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