ImageIn Photography Awards

Contest Dateline:

Oct 13 - Contest open and accepting Image Submissions
Nov 15 - Image Submission closes
Nov 25 - 30 shortlisted images selected for display on TV & viewer rating enabled on ImageIn TV app
Dec 25 - Viewer rating on ImageIn TV app closes (your images need to earn as many likes as possible in this time frame)
Dec 31 - Winner announcement on email and on our Social Media channels Instagram, Facebook

Contest Guidelines:

  • This is a SmartTV based photography contest where images are viewed and rated by viewers on the ImageIn TV app. 
  • You don't need to own a SmartTV to participate in the contest, however you would need a SmartTV or an Android Phone with the ImageIn app installed to view and rate the images submitted for the contest
  • The current contest is themed around Landscapes, from India and around the World
  • Wildlife and People images will NOT be considered
  • Submission of Images to the contest is FREE
  • Photographers can submit a maximum of 3 images for the contest
  • A panel of judges who excel in the Landscape genre would shortlist a sub set of 30 images in the first round
  • All the selected 30 images would be uploaded for viewer rating on ImageIn TV app
  • All the selected 30 images would be made available for sale as fineart prints on ArtBuRt's website as per the selling price set by the photographers 
  • Image with the maximum Likes win the contest

Contest Prizes:

1st Price - Rs 10,000/- cash + Free 4 week ImageIn exhibit package worth Rs 2,515 from ArtBuRt
2nd Price - Rs 7,000/- cash + Free 3 week ImageIn exhibit package worth Rs 1,900 from ArtBuRt
3rd Price - Rs 5,000/- cash + Free 2 week ImageIn exhibit package worth Rs 1,290 from ArtBuRt
Remaining Images shortlisted for TV - Free 1 week ImageIn exhibit package worth Rs 675 from ArtBuRt

Contest Rules & Regulations:

  1. Please submit images you own and have shot yourself
  2. Contest is open for anyone above 13 years of Age
  3. Contest is open for Indian Nationals only
  4. Only Digital images are accepted, please convert film based images to digital format in case of submitting images taken on a film camera
  5. Only landscape genre images are accepted in this version of the contest. Wildlife and People images will NOT be considered
  6. Please resize your submissions to have a maximum dimension of 3000px on the longer side
  7. All horizontal Images need to be cropped in the 16:9 aspect ratio
  8. Both Horizontal and Vertical images are allowed in the contest
  9. Images may be post processed and optimised by Image editing softwares to enhance images as long as the modifications does not alter the reality
  10. Please remove any Watermarks identifying the photographer from the image
  11. Owners of shortlisted 30 images in the first round would be asked to submit the original RAW files if available or the unedited JPEGS if RAW image is not available
  12. The decisions of the Expert Panel and ArtBuRt are final regarding the images selected and no disputes would be entertained on this matter


Submissions for this contest has closed.