#0 ArtMaster Saver pack! Recordings of All 5 ArtMaster classes with 1 class free

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This is a bundle pack of all the 5 recordings

Link to view the videos will be emailed once the classes are booked

This is a combined pack of all 5 ArtMaster 1x1 sessions worth Rs 925 available at just Rs 740 inclusive of all taxes with one class FREE! The topics covered in these sessions are packed with insights gathered by the Instructor over a timespan of 6+ years while trying to sell his photography as works of Art.

ART of fineART photography - Understand what images sells and how to make your images unique and stand out

ART of building ART portfolio - Learn about exploiting the superpower most artists choose to ignore or think they know

ART of pricing ART prints - Get an overview of what market factors influence your Art pricing and how to price your images fair on both sides of the frame

ART of hosting ART exhibits - Hosting your first exhibit is not as difficult as you feared, also learn about a brand new solution for hosting your Exhibits

ART of selling ART photography - All the points discussed till now come together a full circle to conclude in this final session making you an ArtMaster

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What to expect from us and how it will help you?

Your instructor Sriharsha Ganjam is the founder of ArtBuRt. A fineART nature photographer for 15 + years. He has been actively selling his creations as works of art for the last 6 years. Over the course of this time he has sold more than 40 images from his personal portfolio. He has also guided and helped multiple photographers sell their fineart images for the first time through ArtBuRt. He has his images displayed on the walls of some prestigious institutions like Goldman Sachs corporate office, Canara Bank head office & The Taj Hotels in New Delhi & Kolkata to name a few.

Most photographers often ignore the possibility of monetising their photographic creations or are intimidated with the prospects of pitching their images for sale. After guiding and helping multiple photographers, he is now bringing out his learnings for the first time through a series of 5 live classes that have been specially built to help you SELL. These classes will help you overcome this fear and uncertainty by teaching you the tactics to curate, present and price your images right.

Customer Reviews

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Kalyanpur Anand

A totally different perspective, videos and one to one class tells the art of visualizing and making a picture,how to be different, gives an idea of how to exhibit and market your picture,various aspects of online exhibit as well as how to do an offline exhibit,beautifully explained,taking photography to a higher level,highly recommended, an essential viewing amateur as well as a professional

Thanks for the kind review Dr Anand! Glad you liked the sessions.

Kamalesh Naik
A totally new ball game. Some concepts are too good.

I had actually heard Sriharsha speak about photography in BMS college in Bangalore last year. Based on that experience I signed up for this set of 5 classes. They offer a brand new perspective on selling photography as art. I have been doing wildlife photography for close to 6 years now and never realised what I was missing till this class.

The First class Art of FineArt photography sets the tone on what makes customers buy our images and makes us relook at our images from the customers viewpoint
The Second class Art of Building an Art Portfolio is all about how we build a collection of images that best can represent our work to the customers. It has a couple of considering hidden insights which I am glad I now know
The Third class Art of pricing Art work, is the mind bender where Sriharsha actually gave a method to evaluate our work without under and over pricing our efforts
The Fourth class Art of hosting Exhibits gave me a solution to a wish I have long been having, hosting my own solo exhibit. Hope to exercise my skills in my exhibit someday
The Fifth class is a revision of the earlier classes but also has some very novel concepts like the ART definition and journey of an Art work and Artist and how both change and evolve over time. A very novel concept

Overall I loved the presentations and clarity of thoughts from Sriharsha. He also had a nice tempo and a good way of explaining. I have learnt some very new thought perspectives that I hope will help everybody.

Thanks so much for the detailed review Kamalesh. Glad you enjoyed the sessions.

Sucheta Malwatkar
Extremely helpful

Wonderful session.
Thank you so much

Thanks Mam!

Sayandeep Nag

it was a great session, gained perspective of how to have a complete lifecycle of Art photography, from taking the picture to the wall of the end customer.
The 1o1 Portfolo review session was very insightful.



Thanks Sayandeep!