Adithya Biloor

Ant Line

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Image Description

This image is packed with simplicity. Using just a curvy leaf and a lone marching ant as the main subject Adithya created an award winning image. This high key image gives viewers enough room to explore the nothingness and question the existence of substance. 

Image Specifications

Photographer: Adithya Biloor

Size (inches): 24  x 36 

Finishing: Canvas / Paper

Framing: No framing done

This image can also be custom printed to any dimensions (smaller than 24x36 inches), to suit your requirements. Contact Us for further details.

Awards / Recognition

Ant Line is a BBC NHM Second Place award winner for Nature in Black and White in the year  2011

The Photographer / Artist

Adithya Biloor, India

Adithya's images capture the common elements of life that are often overlooked. His images have been appreciated for their originality and their simplicity. Adithya was also awarded the Second Place in the highly acclaimed BBC NHM Wildlife photographer of the year under the category Nature in Black and White in the year  2011