ArtMaster - 1x1 Fineart Black & White processing in Photoshop / Lightroom

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This is a personalised 1x1 class for shooting and editing Black & White images. We will edit your images together using our unique COLOUR THEORY, and using the image editing tool of your choice. The class is 2hr long and will be scheduled as per your availability.

This class covers:

  1. Colour wheel & theory of colour (ironically you need to learn colour before you learn Black & white)
  2. What kind of images work don't work for BW images (this is the toughest part, since learning to identify the right BW image is half the battle)
  3. Importance of Contrast and Micro Contrast in BW images (It's all about that contrast baby!)
  4. White points & Black points (A powerful way to measure your image's potential as a BW image)
  5. Black & White processing workflow using Photoshop or Lightroom (we assume you are reasonably comfortable with the tool of your choice for processing your images and for this class we will only cover the workflow needed for BW conversion. For a more comprehensive guide on learning Ps or Lr please visit our Photoshop Enhance 2 Enchant 1x1 training page)

Bonus offer for students who signup to this class: Learning how to process your images in Black & White is only half the challenge. You also need to master the technique of seeking & spotting great black & white images on the field. And as a part of this bonus offer photographers who enrol to this class get a discount of Rs 2,000 from our upcoming ArtShoot Bandipur Black & White edition so you not only get to learn the theory but also  "LEARN TO SEE BLACK & WHITE". There are only 3 seats on this workshop and they get filled fast, so don't wait...

Customer Reviews

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Kalyanpur Anand
Excellence in a capsule

I took the one to one online black and white course from Art hurt, mentor was Sri Harsha, it opened up a new avenue in bringing life to pictures which never struck me, how to select pictures for black and white, color theory, processing were explained at great length, practice of course is the key and I was promised review of my processes pics, on the whole a thoroughly enjoyable experience

Mahesh Devarajan
Feedback on the black and white processing

- Overall a lovely and thought provoking session.
- Class introduced the usage of adobe color wheel nicely
- Though B&W conversion of an image is individual driven subjective to taste every image cannot be converted to black and white image. There is some common denominator criteria to be met that makes an image to be considered for black and white. Would be good to explore the same.
- Images chosen for processing can be chosen in a manner that has a dramatic impact post black and white conversion.

Dinesh Babu G
Excellent workflow

Amazing experience about fineart BNW photography post processing workshop, friendly conversations about artworks with Harsha is simply beautiful, he shows how to give keen interest in processing the minute details of pictures. Looking forward for the best photography workshops.

Vijayram Harinathan
Insightful experience

The session on B&W processing conducted by ArtBurt/Sri was an insightful one covering basics of colors and building upon that to process images in B&W. Sri was skilled in multiple tools to ensure the audience was covered and comfortable with their choice of software. He also paced the session well with examples and provided a 1-1 session to ensure more focussed hands-on revelation was possible. Very interesting and informative session it was!