Adwait Aphale

Morning Glory

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Image Description

A unique image presented in form of a digital painting. This is a rare representation of this art form and it requires lot of dedicated work to be perfected. One can appreciate the fine brush strokes and the colour variation .

Image Specifications

Photographer: Adwait Aphale

Size (inches): Custom Size

Finishing:  Canvas

Framing: No framing done

This image can also be custom printed to any dimensions (smaller than 24x36 inches), to suit your requirements. Contact Us for further details.

Awards / Recognition


The Photographer / Artist

Adwait Aphale, India

Nature is the biggest source of postive energy for Adwait. He believes in capturing moments of truth in nature and sharing with everybody, "This is the best possible mean of spreading positivity amongst us all" he says. An avid wildlife photographer and nature lover, Adwait started his journey into photography since 1992. Adwait has been recognised on many platforms like Daily Sakal , Better Photography, FONA , Srushti to name a few. Although a dental surgeon by profession, wildlife photography has become his way of life .