Tharangini Bala

Nimbly yours - Triptych

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Image Description

It was meditative almost like a trance. They were disciplined, nimble and had the most perfect gait. Every step was sure, light and firm at the same time. They were the masters of the rocks. They were langurs of Hampi.

The "Nimbly yours" Triptych is a collection of 3 individual images which tell a story when put together. This is a visual story of motion, shapes and emotions. Group these 3 remarkable images together for a greater viewer experience.

Image Specifications

Photographer: Tharangini Bala

Size (inches): (12x12) x 3

Finishing: Paper.

Framing: No framing done

This image can also be custom printed to any dimensions, to suit your requirements. Contact Us for further details.

The Photographer / Artist

Tharangini Bala, India

Travel was always a passion for Tharangini and she was bitten by the photography bug only much later in 2009. After the travel and wildlife photography her current favorite type of photography are those that evoke beautiful emotional response. As much as she enjoys viewing them, she is also experimenting the challenges of creating such images.