ArtMaster Photo Concepts 2hrs Live Online Session - Batch 2 Mar 28th

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This is a 2 hour live online class scheduled on Sunday on March 28 between 4PM - 6PM

Link to join live sessions will be emailed once the classes are booked

A camera is just a tool that captures our precious moments. While the type of camera is NOT important in capturing those moments, what definitely is important is mastering the concepts behind capturing beautiful photos. This 2 hour class helps you Master these concepts, to help you make the most of of your camera. It doesn't matter if you are using a dedicated SLR camera or your handy Mobile camera, learning these tricks will mean the next time you are at a family gathering, or shooting for your kid's school project or capturing your holiday memories you are always ready to capture those moments BEAUTIFUL.

ArtMaster Photo+Concepts includes:

  1. Concept of "Exposure" including the Exposure Triangle
  2. Understand and using the Histogram
  3. Rules for Framing your image for a perfect composition
  4. Elements in a perfect composition
  5. Common mistakes in photography and how to avoid them
  6. Presenting your subjects right to make the maximum impact

ArtMaster Photo+Concepts training mode:

This is a live online workshop that will be RECORDED. All  participants who signup will be provided with the recording post the session so you can revisit topics of interest in the future nor worry about missing out any topic due to your unavailability.

What to expect from us?

Your instructor Sriharsha Ganjam has been a fineART nature photographer & film maker for 15 + years being a part of multiple Photo and Video assignments. He has also been actively selling his photographic creations as works of art for the last 6 years. He has sold more than 40 images from his personal portfolio and guided multiple photographers sell their fineart images for the first time through ArtBuRt. He has his images displayed on the walls of some prestigious institutions like Goldman Sachs corporate office, Canara Bank head office & The Taj Hotels in New Delhi & Kolkata to name a few. 

Customer Reviews

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Havish Gadepally
Great learning

Basic concepts of photography were explained very clearly, understanding color wheel was very helpful. Thanks Harsha

Yasaswi Sarvabhotla
Awesome Session

If you are interested in photography and always pretends that you are good photographer but don’t know how to use your camera to narrate your story, this session is your chance to cover up your mistakes. Thoroughly enjoyed the session. Harsh explains point to point in detail and asks us to explore how can we better the skill by adopting to the basics of photography. I liked the concept of how we can transform/better our pictures from “Just get that shot stage” to “Make that shot stage”. This session also helps us to avoid the common mistakes that every new/upcoming photographers do and helps to narrate a story out of their pictures (I am sure everyone will love the example that Harsh shares during the session and surly try it out). Most importantly this session helps to avoid “Auto (Settings) Photographer” label and try some creative photography (by using manual settings) and take that better shot. Thanks a lot, Harsh (ArtBuRt) for teaching photography in a best possible way.
Unlike many other online sessions, the session slides and recordings were shared which is helping me to refer and improve. Thank you Harsh and ArtBuRt for the same.