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Image Specifications

Photographer: Lila

Size (inches): Custom size

Finishing: Photo Rag

Framing: No framing done


The Photographer / Artist

Lila - India

As Lila explains, art is a way of seeing. A work is the communication of it, and each artwork carries in it messages of feelings, emotions; an emphasis, a reduction. Each individual relates to those messages in a unique way. 

Lila is an artist who explores the visual and the aural; schooled in both. For her, the camera was a natural and complementary extension of the brush, and as with her paintings, there is an interconnect of the visual with the aural.  Drawing from nature, Lila’s images open a dialogue that covers the physical and metaphysical. The images have a strong visual impact. But beyond the visual lies visceral emotions and feelings; ‘of the being’ and the spiritual - all real and palpable. Any darkness is illustrated only as a part of the positive itself. The effect is that of awareness, expansion, acceptance and wonder. 

She lives in Delhi.