Dinesh Ramarao

Rundown 3 : Art of Clutter

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Image Description

The "Art of Clutter" is a beautiful and thought provoking series of images conceived by the artist which highlights the wonder of randomness in nature. These invoke a sense of careful exploration when viewing the image up close. Ideal for any space where there is enough room for the viewers to get engrossed and lost in the intricate details of the image. 

Image Specifications

Photographer: Dinesh Ramarao

Size (inches): 18 x 30

Finishing: Fineart paper

Framing: Framed behind glass


Awards / Recognition


The Photographer / Artist

Dinesh Ramarao, India

Well known for his Art Of Clutter series, Dinesh tries to convey the complex arrangement of elements in nature and understand their intrinsic patterns.