Vikram Nanjappa

Time swept

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Image Specifications

Photographer: Vikram Nanjappa

Size (inches): 16in x 24in

Finishing: Fineart Paper

Framing: No framing done

This image can also be custom printed to any dimensions (smaller than 24x36 inches), to suit your requirements. Contact Us for further details.

The Photographer / Artist

Vikram Nanjappa - India

Vikram Nanjappa is a reputed naturalist, writer and photographer. He likes to be described as an interested and well-informed amateur. He draws his inspiration from the band of men called the Orientalists, most of whom were amateurs. By profession, they were soldiers and administrators. However, today, they are remembered as giants of scholarship. Like them, his field of enquiry is ‘Man and Nature: whatever is performed by the one or produced by the other’.