Clare Arni & Martin Henry Collection

Vaishnava performers

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Image Description

Armed with metal gongs and conches Vaishnava performers like these were characterised with the "Nama" drawn on foreheads. Travelling around the town from one home to the other and singing religious hymns they would solicit offering in the form of cash and kind.

Image Specifications

From the collection of Clare Arni / Martin Henry

Size (inches): 12in x 16in

Finishing: Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Paper

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The Collectors

Clare Arni & Martin Henry - UK

This image is taken from a larger collection built by Mr Martin Henry, an Englishman who lived in India for over 12 years. He started collecting vintage postcards of India and South India shortly after moving back to Edinburgh in 1981 as they reminded him of the country he loved and lived in for so many years. Since then he has amassed a large collection of postcards showcasing the people and lifestyle of this land from a time long forgotten. His daughter Clare Arni, now owns the collection in memory of her father and his love for India.