2 Sitcom scenes on TV that teach us something very important in Art

If you are like me who has grown up devouring Sitcoms, then "Friends" and "The Big Bang Theory" need no special introduction. Both are a binge watcher's nightmare. The temptation of "Just One More..." coupled by the OTT's automatic "Next Episode" are a match made in Dawdling heaven!

But all that apart, there are 2 specific stories in these sitcoms that I would like to point out and how apart from being extremely funny they have something in common and a very important learning. 

(Hope my readers have watched these 2 episodes if not take down their specifics and watch them right away

Friends - Season 10 Episode 6

The Big Bang Theory - Season 5 Episode 17)



So what do these two clips have in common and what wisdom do they impart, you ask?

The Beauty of Art is in the Eye of the Beholder and it's even more beautiful if you are emotionally involved with it.

For the Artists its all about Creating and how it connects with your emotions

For the Viewer its all about how it stimulates your imagination to trigger your emotions

Now go and watch those episodes!

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