A simple tip to help you sell your Art

Of all the tips & tricks to sell your images as art, this is probably the simplest! Get your images printed and hang them on your Wall! That's It! 

Using your walls as your own personal gallery to showcase your creations is the best way to show the world how your images can transform interiors. If an artist dosent have his / her images on the wall to start with why should anybody else have? Of course there is a small caveat, you also need to host a bunch of parties within your walls and invite all your known friends & family members. This is so that they can physically see and experience your magic and gawk at your images. Oh and you can consider inviting us too...😉

For a new artist, we know from our personal experience, that taking the first step towards committing to a print can sometimes be intimidating. The print mediums, the printers, the colour accuracy... all this & more. While we can't really help you throw a great party, we can definitely help you put your stunning creations on the wall by providing you with stellar looking prints that can literally take your guests breath away. And who knows, who amongst them takes a fancy to your images? Plus you will also breathe with pride and satisfaction every time you walk past your image. Now isn't that great?

Our printing is done on high quality fineart printers which are used by market renowned artists & photographers to bring their creations into the real world. So we do know what it takes to have that beauty on your wall. We offer all fineart mediums covering more than 15 types of papers & canvas and we charge on a square foot basis according to the table below. If you have a specific paper or canvas in mind do get in touch with us for the pricing. If this sounds too complicated don't worry, just drop in your contact details below and we will do the rest. Print costs include GST but shipping costs are extra

Print Medium Print Costs for a 12in x 12in print
Epson Enhanced Matte Paper Rs 360 (Inclusive of 12% GST)
Hahnemuhle Daguerre Canvas Rs 760 (Inclusive of 12% GST)


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