About Us

Art for every wall !

There are two sides to every wall. While one side is all about building barriers to keep people out, the other side is about welcoming them in, by hanging something truly spectacular on the wall. Thats why at ArtBuRt we love a blank, boring wall. Not for what it is, but for what it CAN be!! And so we have set out on this mission to bring our world together and put up amazing art on every wall.


Sriharsha Ganjam -

Sriharsha is a professional Landscape photographer who is passionate about nature. The hidden wonders of the natural world fascinate him and he is well known for his series on "Unseen Landscapes". The idea of setting up a market place for wall art originated while attempting to sell his images on Landscape Wizards, a landscape photography portal he manages with his friends. Having printed a multitude of his images and seeing numerous images printed by his fiends, he soon realised the number of walls needed to hang all these images could very well include all the homes in Bangalore. And thus an idea was born!

Siri Gopinatham -

Siri is a keen observer with a sharp mind. Her intuition is often right and she has been instrumental behind strategising the working of ArtBuRt without compromising the interests of the customer or the artist. This is often the most important aspect when it comes to making or breaking a business. She is a keen nature lover and is ever open to learning new skills. 

Goutham Shankar -
Goutham started pursuing photography as a "Passion" about a decade ago. Being a keen travel and wildlife enthusiastic he soon started looking at the world through this lens. He is the founder of BookMyLens an independent rental house for speciality photo, video and film equipment. He also started TheEditRoom, a post-production studio in Bangalore and has multiple productions under the banner. With his love for visuals and technical expertise  Goutham adds to the technical know how in the ArtBuRt team.


Working close with many photographers and artists the team has put together an artist marketplace on ArtBuRt listing multiple award winning images and art works. These will now be available exclusively on ArtBuRt for renting and buying. If everything goes to plan the day should not be too far off where every wall has a stunning story to tell, inviting people to get together and build a stronger community.

So which side of the wall do you want be...?