About Us

Our mission is simple, to provide a 1 stop shop to Create, Exhibit and Sell / Buy Art without any physical barriers in an affordable, risk free and trustworthy manner. We are proud to have put together a one of a kind package in the entire market, where we guide upcoming artists and first time Art buyers navigate the scary waters of the Art world without any trepidation.

ArtBuRt was started in 2017 by Sriharsha Ganjam & Siri Gopinatham both of whom share an exotic love for decorating walls and joined by Goutham Shankar who acts as the supporting mantle. 

Sriharsha is a seasoned nature and fineart photographer having sold more than 40 images as works of art in his career. Even though his journey into the Art world started as an accident he quickly got addicted to the joy of seeing his images on people's walls. Through this journey he saw the difficulties experienced by him and other upcoming artists in cracking the Art world. At the same time he saw the confusion and intimidation faced by first time art buyers who avoid this market due to fear. Giving this market space much thought he finally drew enough courage to jump out of the corporate life and jumped into starting something that would make a difference to all Visual Art Lovers.

ArtBuRt was born when he teamed up with Siri to put in their savings to start something that no one had dared to venture into. Believing in their combined intuition for an Art Market for the newbies they strategised and built solutions that would both be unique and needed for anybody wanting to explore this space. 

And that's when Goutham happened who knew the space quite well given his time as an entrepreneur running a specialised photography equipment rental service. He knew the market for upcoming photographers and their requirements. He also believed the space lacked an infrastructure to help the inexperienced.