The Taj Mahal and A Doodle

Every work of "Art" has two aspects, it's Creator and the Consumer. And art exists due to the play of emotions between the two.

Art here does not refer to any specific Art Work or Form, but rather the concept called "Art" which is a human innovation to create and consume beautiful sensory perceptions in a manner evoking emotions.

In a conventional Demand and Supply model a product is supplied to the market because there is demand. However when Art is created the existence of a market is sometimes not the main factor. Art is created because as humans we all need to express our emotions, and emotions unfortunately do not translate well in words.


Taj Mahal (Edited).jpeg

Art can be as simple as the Taj Mahal

Luise Kritzelzeichnung.jpg

or as complex as a Doodle!


When a specific colour is laid out on canvas or a deliberate shake induced in a photograph or a shape carved on to a rock, there is always more at work than just the tools. The Artist does not really care if there is a market for her emotions, as long as there is an urge to create and there is a suitable medium to express.


Honoré Daumier 008.jpg



So the next time you see Art that you like, you are not just looking at something pretty, instead you are connecting with its creator at a subconscious level feeling her emotions. Isn't it great to have that dialogue with someone without even exchanging a word?
Have you ever felt such a tug when looking at something? Do you agree on the connect between The Taj Mahal and A Doodle?
Let us know!

-Sriharsha Ganjam

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