#4 ArtMaster - ART of hosting ART exhibits - Recording

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This is a recording. Link to view this video will be emailed once the class is booked

In this 40min long session you will understand the concept of Exhibiting your images and how to curate for your first Photography exhibit. You will also learn about the tools that can help you in this intimidating journey and the Do's and Dont's in hosting a successful ART exhibit.


What to expect from us and how it will help you?

Sriharsha Ganjam is the founder of ArtBuRt. A fineART nature photographer for 15 + years. He has been actively selling his creations as works of art for the last 6 years. Over the course of this time he has sold more than 40 images from his personal portfolio. He has also guided and helped multiple photographers sell their fineart images for the first time through ArtBuRt. He has his images displayed on the walls of some prestigious institutions like Goldman Sachs corporate office, Canara Bank head office & The Taj Hotels in New Delhi & Kolkata to name a few.

Most photographers often ignore the possibility of monetising their photographic creations or are intimidated with the prospects of pitching their images for sale. After guiding and helping multiple photographers, he is now bringing out his learnings for the first time through a series of 5 live classes that have been specially built to help you SELL. These classes will help you overcome this fear and uncertainty by teaching you the tactics to curate, present and price your images right.