ArtMaster - Enchanted Realms a Live 1x1 Photoshop montage training

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Enchant your images with mythical creatures and surreal landscapes. Play God in a realm that is bound by only one limitation - Your Imagination! This is a beginner level Photo Composite class where we train you live in a 2 hr class. You will be introduced to the limitless possibilities of Adobe Photoshop to create worlds of wonder. Learn to use your images as well as free images available from the internet to draft exotic visual tales that have the power to transfer your audience into a world where anything is possible. This is the "Enchanted Realm" of Adobe Photoshop!

This Class is for:

  1. Digital & NFT artists who aim to create unique & professional digital art works 
  2. Product managers and entrepreneurs who want to showcase their products in a unique surreal setting to grab customer attention
  3. Wedding & event photographers who want weave in an element of fantasy in their photo deliverables
  4. Visual story tellers who want to use photoshop to draft unique storylines

This class covers:

  1. Building your Enchanted storyline - Identifying the key elements of your visual story board & finding the right resources to garnish your story
  2. Setting up the stage - Advanced Selection, Masking techniques, Brushes and Colour correction in Adobe Photoshop
  3. Driving the Enchantment - Building up the subject prominence, correcting the background to fit into the mood of the story and final touches

What you will get:

  1. A recording of the live session to refer back on the tools and techniques used for creating Art works
  2. A collection of Photoshop brushes and templates that you can use to get started in creating your masterpieces without breaking sweat
  3. 1x1 Support even after the class to help you on your artistic journey
  4. A collection of multiple online resources to spark your ideas

Your Instructor:

Sriharsha Ganjam is an Ex Adobe and Photoshop veteran who has worked on Photoshop for more than 10 years. He has trained multiple artists and photographers on exploiting the wonders of this powerful creative tool. 

Please Note: You are expected to have a basic working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop to derive the benefits of this session. If you need to further your skills in Photoshop you can also subscribe to our 1x1 Adobe Photoshop training where we work together to teach you the Basic and Advanced concepts of Photoshop.

Customer Reviews

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Kamalesh Naik

I did the Photoshop Enhance to Enchant training first and then proceeded to take up this class. The trick and tips demonstrated here are insane! Plus I get a lot of assets to work on my creations like brushes and links and resources. I do a lot of street photography and this is my first venture into the montage realm but I am loving it! Good class and once again I have continued 1x1 support forever on tools and techniqiues and feedback from a pro which I can use to grow my skills.