ArtMaster - Introduction to Documentary Film Making & Video Editing - Jun 27

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There are beautiful stories everywhere that need to be captured & tamed! Learn Documentary Film making from the team that made the Award Winning documentary "Aghanashini". This live online class  covers Story Building Concepts, Documentary Presentation Techniques & Basic Movie editing techniques (using DaVinci Resolve which is available as a free download). The knowledge gained from this 4 hour session will equip you well enough to make a complete movie by the end and you will also get a recording of the entire session for reference in the future. A link to join the live sessions will be emailed once the classes are booked

Target Audience:

This workshop is aimed at beginners who are keen to add Movie Making Skills as an additional feather in their creative cap. 

ArtMaster "Introduction to Documentary Film Making & Movie Editing" Live class includes:

  1. Concepts of Story Building & Presentation (2 hours) 

    • How to present & research your story?
    • How to build a team & executing your project effectively?
    • How to stitch your story together & tools and equipments needed?
    • Importance of sound and music
    • How to do effective budget & fund your film? 
    • How to make a long-lasting movie & take it to the global audience?

  2. Movie Editing using DaVinci Resolve (2 hours) 

    • Pre Prep & Prep for Editing (Workflow organisation)
    • Editing using various commonly used Movie Editing techniques
    • Basic Colouring & Colour correction

What to expect from us?

Your instructors  for this 4 hour class are Ashwini Kumar Bhat from Landscape Wizards and Karthik Murali from The Edit Room. Both are industry veterans having worked on multiple highly acclaimed video documentaries including Aghanashini and Wild Karnataka. 

Ashwini is a core member of the Landscape Wizards team and was instrumental in the genesis and building of Aghanashini, a documentary that has won 30 national & international awards and screened in more than 30 countries. He was also part of the filming crew for Wild Karnataka.

Karthik leads the creative editors in The Edit Room a studio that has multiple branded clients ranging from Tanishq, Puma, Infosys to name a few. Karthik is a master movie editor with a high work quality that is well represented in the work that is output from The Edit Room

Customer Reviews

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Long but satisfied

The session was really in depth, both from the story making part as well as the technical aspects of the process. I really appreciate the organisers for doing so. Having said that, it would have been more useful to split the long session in two parts, perhaps. Especially since it would provide more time for assimilation of the topics and also reflect on some aspects.

Karthik Bharadwaj

It was a wonderful session, changed my perspective on Film/Documentary making. Looking forward to working on many projects in the near future.