Kallol Mukherjee

Fearless in flames

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Image Description

At the end of every winter, farmers generally burn the grass and reed to clean the land for upcoming crop. When the fire spreads across the land, small insects start coming out. Then the brave black drongo starts capitalizing on such a moment by eating them flying on the live fire. Avoiding the smoke-- created by this fire-- was the most challenging task besides the rapid change of exposure.The brave bird reminds me the legend of Phoenix...

"Fearless in flames" Triptych is a collection of 3 individual images which tell a story when put together. This is a visual story of bravery and ingenuity. Group these 3 remarkable images together for a greater viewer experience.

Image Specifications

Photographer: Kallol Mukherjee

Size (inches): Fixed size

Finishing: Canvas

Framing: No framing done

Awards / Recognition

Middle image was awarded 1st place in Animal behaviour category in Nature InFocus 2016 and 'Photographer of the year' at Nature InFocus 2016
The Third image of the Two birds in the frame became the finalist in Big Picture (USA) in 'Winged Life' category 2017


The Photographer / Artist

Kallol Mukherjee - India

Kallol is a passionate wildlife photographer, a story-teller, and painter (with camera). His main area of expertise is on creative rendition of birds and landscapes. Kallol has won some multiple national and international awards and some of his images have been published in leading nature & wildlife magazines of India and abroad including the WWF.

He states  "I have always considered my life as a canvas which I have been trying to paint with different colours– colours extracted from nature, from life!"