Sriharsha Ganjam

Moonbow on Unchalli

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Image Description

An extremely unique image showcasing a natural phenomenon rarely witnessed in nature, A Moonbow! 

A Moonbow is a rainbow that happens at night, under the bright full moon. There were only 5 known locations in the world which favoured the formation of a moonbow until the discovery of a moonbow at Unchalli waterfalls near Sirsi. This is Asia's first ever Moonbow. The photographer researched the conditions of multiple water falls within India, in an effort that lasted for more than 4 years, before finally predicting that the conditions of Unchalli were ideal for the formation and eventually photographing  this nocturnal wonder.




This image is the outcome of extensive scientific research and persistence, and is available as an "ArtBuRt Elite Collection". 

An image as rare as this also needs a similar outlet. In order to maintain the uniqueness of the moment, only ONE print of the image would be made. The print would be signed personally by the photographer and would be accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, that calls out its uniqueness. Once sold this image would never be printed ever again!


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24x36 1


PLEASE NOTE: This image in "THE ELITE COLLECTION" may, in certain circumstances, be licensed by the artist for reproduction on other consumer products and mediums, such as Calendars, Posters, Postcards, Brochures, Bookmarks, T-Shirts, Newspapers, Magazines, Websites etc. These formats will neither match the quality nor size of the art work sold under ArtBuRt "ELITE COLLECTION" that will be displayed on your esteemed wall.

Image Specifications

Photographer: Sriharsha Ganjam

Size (inches): 24 x 36

Medium: Customisable (Hahnemuhle Canvas or Hahnemuhle Paper)

Framing: Customisable


Times of India

The Hindu

The New Indian Express

The Dreamland - A coffee table book on Uttar Kannada

Multiple Kannada and local news papers

The Photographer

Sriharsha Ganjam, India

Sriharsha is a landscape photographer by passion. Co-owning Landscape Wizards along with his friends, he constantly strives to capture the unseen and unknown. Sriharsha is well known for seeing the "Unseen Landscapes" on Landscape Wizards, where until now he and his team have revealed one previously unseen story of nature every year. 

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