Sriharsha Ganjam

Moonbow Open Edition

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Image Description

Open Edition Moonbow

Image Specifications

Photographer: Sriharsha Ganjam

Size (inches): 12  x 18 

Finishing: Canvas / Paper

Framing: No framing done
This image can also be custom printed to any dimensions (smaller than 24x36 inches), to suit your requirements. Contact Us for further details.

Awards / Recognition

The Photographer

Sriharsha Ganjam, India
Sriharsha is a landscape photographer by passion. Co-owning Landscape Wizards along with his friends, he constantly strives to capture the unseen and unknown. Sriharsha is well known for seeing the "Unseen Landscapes" on Landscape Wizards, where until now he and his team have revealed one previously unseen story of nature every year. 

2013 - Meteor Landscapes

2014 - Luminous Landscapes

2015 - Subterranean Landscapes

2016 - Fiery Landscapes

2017 - Moonbow Landscapes